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Me’ Khai Lewis

To say that “How to Read the Bible Acts 8:30” is life-changing is truly an understatement. I have read plenty of well-published biblical books but none, not one can compare to this. I fell in love with God’s word in a new way after reading this Holy Ghost-driven book. What I love about Jairus Burk’s book the most is the unfathomable amount of layers to figure out how to break down and understand God’s mind. I was compelled from the first page, the author made me question who I am in Christ, why I do the things I do, why I read the Bible the way I read it, how to study the Bible, secrets, and revelation of the Bible ( which might be my favorite part because I’ve read scriptures tons of times and totally missed such deep revelations. This might be my favorite part because I’ve never heard these things from my pastors or in Bible study classes all while showing us that we still need to do the work ourselves. I am seriously urging you to pick up this priceless book, you will not regret it. “How to Read The Bible Acts 8:30” is for all types of Christians, the lukewarm Christians, the Christians who are diligently seeking Christ, pastors, prophets, apostles, everyone. You will never see scripture the same. Lastly, the author has an anointing that could possibly spill onto you after reading.

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